Sleepy Slurs #4: 6 word stories

Taming me is a natural contradiction Daily prompt Tame This one feels poorly written so I apologize. Sleepy Slurs is an intoxicant and I'm flushed in the inebriety. Goodnight/good morning all.

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Like Father, Like Son

Hey! So I wanted to elaborate on the title a little before you continue reading. I know it says 'LFLS' meaning father and son are alike I'm playing with that idea here as a sarcastic commentary on the poem itself. Along with that the title is playing with semantics. If child is Like Father then… Continue reading Like Father, Like Son


WordPress Meet-UP #1

What an incredible initiative to connect more and more people together.

Raqi Raccoon

communication Let’s Connect! Meet and Greet

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my first WordPress Meet-UP. I’m hoping to create a casual common ground where we can meet and share connections, and maybe more. I will keep doing this from time to time, and these will offer an awesome opportunity for

bloggers who are quite active on WordPress” to connect.

If you’re interested in “meeting up” with new bloggers or just meeting new people here’s your chance to connect with them.

For all bloggers; I encourage you to use this as a place to “Promote Your Blog”. Whether you have a fashion, food, photography, nature, poetry blog, or a video, eBook blog. Or you might just want to post the cover of your book and link.

Go to comment section below:

Leave your… 1)Name 2)Blog address in the comment area and anything else! I will say “HELLO!”

Remember that to meet…

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