A Moment

I don't think well enough Not at the expectations of success She peers down at my exoskeletal form Surely her red ribbon of a mouth Waves into a snarl of silk In contempt For I am inept And unworthy of the step; Her crushing mastery One she masterfully honed And it is I alone Who… Continue reading A Moment


Sleepy Slurs #2: Layers Exposed

The bright coat And sparkling jewels Reflects under rays Blinding my eyes He struts proud With silver cane Nose in air Eyes partially closed Stopped by lights The steady red Looks my way I stare back The lights change Red, yellow, green Starts to cross Walks towards me I look down Naked and ashamed For… Continue reading Sleepy Slurs #2: Layers Exposed


Sleepy Slurs: Hair Up

You pull away the feelings And they vacate Because Cancun calls via shells So the feelings frolic freely Uninhibited their inherent nature But when days pass That bread grows mould And your stomach churns From the sickness it won't heave They return with snap force Because you pulled too hard Trying to tie your hair.… Continue reading Sleepy Slurs: Hair Up