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Like Father, Like Son

Hey! So I wanted to elaborate on the title a little before you continue reading. I know it says 'LFLS' meaning father and son are alike I'm playing with that idea here as a sarcastic commentary on the poem itself. Along with that the title is playing with semantics. If child is Like Father then… Continue reading Like Father, Like Son


Chinese Water Torture

Protected from many anglesAs I stand in shallow watersHoisted up by a pulley Tied around my waistI'm ankles deep in the poolNo movement exertedNor energy expelledI stand in waterWithout the sense of timeNo sun to set course above meMy wrinkling feet inform Of hours that accumulateAs I stand in waterWith the pulley around my waist… Continue reading Chinese Water Torture


To Bottle your Perfume

Random thoughts into a free verse poem. The only being I will ever think of when the word fragrance is mentioned is my grandmother. From living with her all my life under the same roof to being 8000 miles away has been the most difficult separation I've ever endured. This one is dedicated to her.… Continue reading To Bottle your Perfume