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Like Father, Like Son

Hey! So I wanted to elaborate on the title a little before you continue reading. I know it says ‘LFLS’ meaning father and son are alike I’m playing with that idea here as a sarcastic commentary on the poem itself. Along with that the title is playing with semantics. If child is Like Father then father will Like Son. I just wanted to elaborate a little on the title. Anyway enjoy the poem!

A lion, born to a mongrel
And deemed unsightly
Not as peculiar as the mongrel
Defective, as if birthed untimely
Thought to be not like the mongrel
Though DNA steeped for months
Characteristics mimicked the mongrel’s
From mirrored twitches to how they slump
He denied seeing the resemblance, the mongrel
Couldn’t look past the textbook visage.
Not sharing the mixed features of the mongrel
Cause to have the pure breed judged
He thought he was a pauper, the lion
Forever an ant no matter how he grew
Unaware of the fact that he was a lion
Neurotically trimming his mane for a shorter do
Like a tick made its way inside the lion
And reigned in on his nerves
The foreign entity within the lion
With a skewed sense of self to preserve
The many names held by glorious Leo
His roar that could tremble mountains
Will never be known to lost Leo
In uncertainty he shall be drowning
All because the mongrel
All because of him
A dissociated lion

Lives a life so grim
This is the tale of an insecure lion
Begotten by a vain mongrel.

Daily prompt Pest


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