Chinese Water Torture

Protected from many angles
As I stand in shallow waters
Hoisted up by a pulley
Tied around my waist
I’m ankles deep in the pool
No movement exerted
Nor energy expelled
I stand in water
Without the sense of time
No sun to set course above me
My wrinkling feet inform
Of hours that accumulate
As I stand in water
With the pulley around my waist
I’m tired, so tired, incredibly tired
Giving up has proved most exhausting
And I’ve exhausted all options
Insanity creeps under my skin
Shallow waters force me to give in

Daily prompt Shallow


2 thoughts on “Chinese Water Torture”

  1. This is a grim poem…I like it! As for the title, I don’t think “Life Support” works since it feels like the poem’s persona is being tortured. I hope that helps.

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