To Bottle your Perfume

Random thoughts into a free verse poem. The only being I will ever think of when the word fragrance is mentioned is my grandmother. From living with her all my life under the same roof to being 8000 miles away has been the most difficult separation I've ever endured. This one is dedicated to her. Can't wait to see her again. Anyway, to all those reading I'm not usually this, how do I say it 'gooey' for lack of a better word but I hope you enjoy the poem anyway.

Years have passed
New grass has grown once again
As we welcome spring on winters leave
Those in eggs that hatched years before
Now prepare nests
Dancing and singing as they do it
Calling on to others as they perform for the future
A future that is ready to begin its completed revolution
Flowers yawn and stretch
From a slumber that welcomes them to existence
The sound of children playing in glee mimics that of their parents who once captured that same exuberance in their play
Oh how beautiful it is to see this growth
For I have grown as well
And time will only stretch me out with it
But a fragrance, a single smell
Brings me back to your memory
One where I, a child, a toddler, buried my head in your neck with every hug
Laid down on your scarves
Kissed your hand only as an excuse to sniff
To smell the comforting fragrance that was exclusive to you
Never inherited by your own daughter though she had one of her own
Yet no one's scent could bring me comfort the way yours did.
Today, somehow, though we are miles apart and I've missed you intensely in our separation, I get a whiff of you
Enough to make me feel like a child again
To feel like I'm in your arms again
To feel comforted again.

Daily prompt Fragrance


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