Hush Little Baby

I am a child. My beady eyes inspect the outside world wondering quietly. I analyze the noises and try to make sense of them. In my effort to rationalize I find my emotions involve itself into a situation not requiring its expertise. An astral, emotional figure leaps from my body and stands defiant between two warring nations. It stands with the notion of strength that is heightened in a fight-or-flight situation. Head bowed, neither party is aware of the smug twitch by the corner of its lips. Like a paper it stands waiting for their signatures, a sign of their commitment to the negotiated. Yet, like paper, it is removed with a nonchalant attitude and incredible ease. As I watch the figure I realize that its transformation should’ve been that of a tree, a giant sequoia. Sturdy as a mountain and wide as this house. But instead this paper is chucked to the side like a pamphlet for religious conversions. The astral being disappears and I now lie on the floor propped upon my arm staring at the marble roads. My eyes follow the unknown path and land upon a stick. I was unable to convert them, to change the noise. Not wanting to fail again in bringing change I reach for the stick. Pulling it towards me I decide not to give any of me to the outside world from which I have my back turned. Time for silence as I stick the lollipop in my mouth. 

Daily prompt Lollipop


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