For today’s prompt I refer to something I published a while ago. You’ll find that Melancholy is an old friend of mine and that we write together from time to time. Anyway, without further ado my recycled contribution. Enjoy.

A Million Ways To Die in The West
I had to find myself
Become something I was meant to be
Trying to find myself
After you claimed me,
Like I was land where you could post your flag
Stretch of something for you to walk over with your cleats digging into my skin
I’m trying to rise up from the soil you made of me
Trying to grow from all the manure that is supposed to help
Help shape me
But sometimes I feel as though it’s a forsaken land
my body
Lacking minerals to strengthen the roots
That my bones wither away with the dust
To stay forever in a position of death..

Daily prompt Soil


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