Beginnings of a Relationship

There were many days spent with her. She had newly come into this world with eyes like black holes, dark and magnetic. A pull so great that you’d have to pry my gaze away from hers. I remember the first day I saw her and held her in my arms, serenity washed over us as if being rocked upon Eden. She stirred in my arms and her lips twitched consciousness was coming back to this beauty and I felt my skeletal limbs had proved a discomfort to this resting angel. Rousing, she lifted her doll hands up to her face as she stretched. Anxiety began to creep up on me as I thought, ‘she will see me and cry, she will see a stranger and cry for her parents.’ My father’s voice could be heard somewhere beyond the world that currently was of her’s and mine. The unintelligible sounds, like the wind, unattended by consciousness. 

She cracked open her eyes by a tiny bit, I saw the faintest of black causing my heart to leap. Now I felt determined not to let my limbs influence her first impression of me. I was ready to welcome her with the most gracious of smiles and say ‘Dear princess, you have captured my heart in slumber, if you’ll have me, I shall forever remain your slave.’ The tiny opening grew and her beautiful black eyes opened up to a view of me looking down on her with a wide smile seemingly engraved onto my face. I greeted her repeatedly like a fool. There she was nameless, so I referred to the most beautiful being with the most generic term. “Hi baby, hi baby.” Like a broken record I reiterated, completely taken by the fact that she remained quiet and looked up at me as if she understood. “I’m your sister baby, I’m your sister” she stared at me grasping every word coming out of my mouth. 

Suddenly I felt eager hands upon me and see my siblings rush towards her, to take her away from me, to greet her. My father intervenes and cradles her from one arm to the other. A cold sensation took over my body with paranoia of not being her favourite for years to come. I stare longingly at the raven plumage upon her head. But as fate would have it, the arms of others revealed itself prickly causing the loudest of wail from her tiny mouth. One after the other her crying wouldn’t stop and no one was granted the proper chance to behold their baby sister. My patience wore thin and before my mother could recall her to her bosom I intervened and insisted that my father return her back to me. Finally able to convince him, he returns the thrashing and wailing babe back to my twiggy arms and by the most bizarre miracle all sounds deafened. I held this quiet pink pearl in my arms and we continued back into baring our souls through our eyes. That was when I learned of love at first sight.

Two years after our fateful encounter I chase after this scampering fiend. Melodic laughter enveloping our house as her inky hair trails behind in the wind. Staring at her back I now understand my parents. We will always be their babies. And she will always be the pink beauty with dark eyes and hair staring back at me. The nameless baby.

Daily prompt Scamper


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