The bright yellow shining beyond the dark clouds that loom above

If I could break through that ozone to let a glimmer seep in to the abyss

Maybe I’d know where the bottom of this ditch lies

Maybe I’d see all those who hang, desperate for an escape

Instead of the wailing and the blaming darkness had adopted

I hang on, supported by a flimsy rock of some procrastinator’s design

Zany is such a life, violence an aspiration for the hopeless

Neither peace nor death a solution just a vile game being played

Each a pendulum for the other, shying away from contact

No one wants to make the first move yet empty threats are pelted

Patience dancing on a tightrope of spider silk

I find myself singing to relay calm to all the howlers

They simmer in awe for the song unheard of in the pit

And for 4 minutes alone it looks to be sunny down here.

Daily prompt Sunny


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