“Does reality exist objectively or is it a subjective projection of our thoughts?” –

Thomas De Quincy to Inspector Ryan talking about Immanuel Kant in Murder as a Fine Art by David Morrell

To answer that question I relate back to the last stanza of my poem ‘What we Have, Had, and Never Will Again

Oh this love
A fairytale illusion of
Pain and sadness,
The masked madness

It would be cliched of me to say love is illusory, but the greatest truths always are both cliches and illusions. (besides math of course that’s a poison of frankness, yet even within it there is so much in the unknown that complex equations may loop till you grasp the hidden knowledge)

I relate to the word itself, love at the most fundamental level means ‘intense, deep AFFECTION’ in this case affection is related to fondness. This AFFECTION is an illusion to holistic nature of love which is to be AFFECTED. There is anger involved in love, hate, displeasure, jealousy, dislike, feelings of insecurity, restlessness,Obsession, abandonment and etc. Love is affected by all these other emotions but that is also to say that those emotions are affected by love as well. Thus to feel is a maddening phenomena yet apathy is just as much of an abnormality.

Therefore, I conclude that these feelings are more complex then what a mere word would have to denote. Letters and dotted ‘i’s are illusory constructs that neither objectivity nor subjectivity can get at the elemental of love among many other affections. Thus, it is important to strive to read. Feel through the rhyme scheme, the meters, the iambs, the paragraphs, prologues, epilogues, monologues, etc. Reality is a bottomless ocean, no word is difinitive yet in a string of conscious thought may we allow ourselves to Scuba into the deep blue. If words are illusions then we must become masters of it. Call us illusionists.

Thank you for indulging me in my after midnight musings.

Kind regards


Daily prompt Illusion


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