Hide and Seek

The toughest thing about committing to anything is the fact that you must let yourself go.

To do that would mean to open Pandora’s box. The box you’ve tried so hard to keep shut.

You know she needs to be contained the one whom you’ve burdened with all the pain life had commit.

You realize that you’re splitting, seeing your qualities be compartmentalized into binary codes

The good link up and create a chain of commands for a being that calls itself by your name

The bad gets relegated to a cage in the abyss of forgetfulness where you pray it stays put

Then one day you find yourself fissured and like water and oil the two meet but don’t mix

You’re trying to subdue the bad by forcing the good on top of it not realizing how futile the attempt may be

Repression erupts like a volcano and the bad surfaces as something, someone, entirely different.

Now you’ve created a monster in you who shares your name and tarnishes it as punishment

Punishment for being abandoned and forgotten as it was, to think it would have no influence

But of course it does influence and you must let it influence, you can’t put a lid on the uncontainable

So, realizing my mistake and seeing the irreparable reality, I apologize for I can not commit.

I promised falsities in naïveté never realizing the dual nature that had become of me.

Finally, being monogamous, my ethics will not allow me to commit to you, as I must commit the two.


These are just random thoughts i just let my fingers type and the result is what you just read. Hope you enjoyed free verse, free thought as I free styled.

Daily Prompt Commit


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