Madness be Theft

A child lay on the bed, heaving through the dense air of death while her mother sat by her stroking the hair away which clung to her sweaty forehead like skin. At the foot of the bed stood an ominous shadow, watching, quietly, over at the lying child and not a noise could be heard from it save all that was being produced by the two females before it.
No one could notice the presence of that being and all it did was stand, ever so quietly like a ninja on a stealth mission. It was merely a shadow looming, from what we know, for the room was cursed with poor lighting that if a thief decided to walk in he would not be noticed till he was a foot away from them. The only source of light was the inch long flickering candle, hanging on every twine against the humidity the room had acquired.
‘m-m-mom.’ the dying child struggled to utter. Her mother shushed her with a finger upon her lips before she could go on, whilst shaking her head frantically. Against the dim light, not much could be seen of the mother, and only a silhouette of her wild curly hair swishing with every shake and its damp ends sticking to her equally sweaty face.
Though her hair may have eaten her face, the mother remained stationary with the child, and her finger upon the child’s lips. The only movement was from the deep rise and fall of their chest as they struggled to breathe through the suffocation.
The thing continued to stare at the girl till it suddenly yet slowly began ascending, and as it did, the child’s chest rose simultaneously against her will. She started to panic, and the mother was becoming increasingly susceptible to epileptic fits. The thing and child rose, to the point that her body hung freely as if the thing had her lassoed from the chest and continued onto its vertical path. She stopped a nose hair from the already low ceiling while the mother, at this point, had given in entirely to her lunacy.
There was a pause before the horrifically loud gasp uttered by the child as her eyes widened like saucers and the veins took over her cornea making them bloodshot. Her back arched utterly, and she stiffened from every end, contorted. The moisture had escaped from her face, her lips became dry as sandpaper, as she fell back down on the bed with a loud thud followed very closely by an equally loud, gutwrenching sound of the cracking of her bones. Her back had been broken, and she lay there lifeless. The mother lets out a blood-curdling howl and continued in her erratic behavior while de-evolving and embracing the most primitive of bipedal creatures. The mother had descended into a madness that made her unrecognizable. She flung her body like it was being done to her by some force. A force that seemed supernatural. It toppled the little candle, extinguishing it in the process.
In utter darkness lay a dead child and her loony mother. Without the thing in sight nor any DNA left behind, erasing itself from existence. The memory stays, it stalls in this dungeon as proven by the lifeless body; unfortunately, there is no reliable witness to testify thus, for now, this shall remain a mystery, an unsolved crime.


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