Hope 247 (June 7th, 2016)

How long will it take to feel happiness?
Feel confidence rise from within,
To stand up proud, undeterred by pain.

I’ve been waiting so patiently,
Waiting like I’ve never waited before
So I may wash it away with the rain.

But time has chosen to stop and stare
At a moment far too long ago
Yet feels fresh, like it was born now.

Oh time, let us gallop away on our steeds,
Let’s not make a big scene; the actor is small
And knows not the ‘who, when, why, how.’

One day, someday, it’ll be over and
I’ll be over those wretched events.
I’ll cross over the bridge & back into the city

An unstoppable force, a light in the dark!
Not letting anything come my way.
There’s a fire burning inside; World, watch me!


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