Everybody’s Mental

Everybody’s mental

She looks at the phone lying facedown on the ground
5 meters from the overflowing trash
Eyes darting from one thing to the other
Seems like her frenzied mind’ll crash
Her body starts to heat up and it’s hard to simmer down
Finding the only way to get it sorted out
Wearing her gloves and a suit just to cover
lifting with tongs and throwing $700 out

You may say she’s mental
Oh and what a waste
A child starving somewhere
May like to catch a break
Use the phone to ease his bones
As he comes back late from work
Tired of his horrid life
She wastes what he deserves.

He speaks all day all night to no one but himself
Though the story differs on his account
He has pals from places far and wide conspiring
And his paranoia is absolutely paramount.
She freezes up when trying to be of more help
When performing her responsibilities
For her mind lawlessly travels to a memory so jarring
Shutting down all her facilities

You may call them mental
Oh what a shame
Such a bright mind!
Oh poor deranged brain!
Cursed to live as freaks
So Difficult to accommodate
In our ‘normal world’
Lost souls, and ingrates.

If I were to speak the truth?
I’m mental too
And if you were to ask me?
I’d say so are you
From narcissism to psychopathy
From OCD to apathy
From perfectionists to lazy shits
From girls with balls and men with tits
From delusions to hallucinations
From the combined force of the schizo sensations
From mania to depression and back again
From postpartum to PTSD, devoid of zen

Everybody’s mental accept that fact
Everybody’s mental so drop the act
Everybody’s mental we just pretend
Some have it easy others are now dead
Everyone should reconsider their retirement plan
And institute yourself when you’re ready to give in.
Everybody’s mental
Everybody’s mental
Everybody’s mental


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