Mary Amme

The best of the best
Purity that all can attest
You glow with a colour that is blinding
Your smiling face brings glad tidings

You had never left
like a pearl you were kept
Safely in the grandest of oysters
A protection spell created for her

Your Magician is great
I yearn for the taste
Of His splendour
And hope to be showered in His Grace
The Greatest of Scientists
Logic a creation of his
So we can live sans unpredictabilities
And our minds are free to mimic
Only like a cheap counterfeit
But take it not lightly
For it is a gift of His

I’m not Mary Amme
I’m a child who’s been damned
To the fiery pit of the sun
Yet I’ll crave the only One
Don’t let me be
Sitting alone in this knowledge tree
As a show of irony
Or juxtapose what I lack in me

Forgive me I’m sinful
On smooth planes, I wrinkle
Unworthy be my name
But I’ll bow down to You all the same.


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