October 25th 2014

Hypocrites, hypocrites boys are fucking hypocrites.
Bitches, bitches they are bitches too.
Fuck their one track mind
Fuck their selfish design
Hypocrites they all are,
Including you.

Fuck all your rules placed on me
Because I fucking knew you’d slip too.
I wish I could grab your ear
And scream all your fucking words back to you.
I’m raging, I’m raging but that’s because you suck!
Your one track mind is all about you and your fuck.
I’m not your wife and you won’t make me
You just have fun repeating meaningless ‘baby’.
Fuck you, for you don’t listen to me
Fuck you, fuck you, for driving me crazy.
I swear I don’t want this,
So please God give me strength to end it.

Hypocrites, hypocrites and cry babies too
Whine and whine about your problems
I’m sick of hearing it from you.
Try to make a special case about minute things.
Don’t listen to me bitch just play with my feelings!
Man up, don’t cry, do what you should
Walk a girl to her place, if only you would.
Hypocrite you are
Hypocrite you remain!
I will leave you one day
And walk out finally sane.


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