What We Have, Had, And Never Will Again.

I know all about you and who you are
Years spent alone in the study with you
Yet I can’t seem to fathom why my heart
Feels the pain when we know the bitter truth

Formed as a cloud feeling incredible
Like upwards was our only route, you see.
‘Til we stood still, suddenly skeptical
Of how we thought our love would be.

Now you may have found a reason to smile,
And wanna pursue a semblance of life.
May not your hoarse banter be so revile
Wielding a Whet hairline of a chef’s knife

Aye the chef and the cook convoluted
And subjected me to a coup de duex.
Oh all the twisted things I would do then
Frozen in front of a cracked repousse.

So I feel this anger boil inside me
Like fresh gumbo wanting to splutter out.
I hold it down tight Agonizingly
As I desperately search a way out

It’s unfair I want air to knock you off
Your feet, but pain manifests as yours truly.
It’s unfair, unaware of your behemoth
But boy you ‘some-consciously’ force screwed me

Oh this love
A fairytale illusion of
Pain and sadness,
The masked madness.


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