Stockholm Syndrome

We feel emotions as we live our lives
And often we act with it in disguise
Unaware, blissfully unaware
But dear it does ripple in its effects
Just look how big the circle gets
Disrupting what is there

The orb that’s floating in my heart
Seems to be ripping itself apart
Repelling it from my self
Because I learned to find peace in you
And the man that had accompanied too
Now i realize this is something else

Yes there is love and yes it is true
Yes dear sir I had loved you
And maybe I always will
Unfortunately for me though
Stockholm has got a hold.

You are not the problem in this
Just got tangled in gross business
I’ve got baggage my friend
A mistake that cost my ability to remain
Completely, irrevocably and functionally sane
For years unknowingly I pretend

I pretend maybe because it’s familiar
A perfect human being, I wanna be her
But we don’t blend well
For idiocy is a personal trait
The public has free access to my estate
Get used to it? Might as well..

Love does exist I understand
Love exists there’s a grand plan
For many of the people out there
Unfortunately for me
Stockholm’s love is my reality..


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