Ode to a cook/thief

You went away.
Well they kicked you out
Can’t say I blame them
Didn’t know what you were all about

Still, you went away,
And I caught the flu
All ’cause you were gone
How’d I know you’d leave so soon

‘Why’d you go away?’
I might’ve thought
I was far too young
To realize that you had me caught

So you went away
And I realized
The truth of it all
But I was so desensitized

’cause you were away
I needn’t worry
No anger no hurt
Just squint to blur the memory

While you were away
I found a man
I fell in love
Electricity coursed through our hands

Weren’t you away?
‘Why’d you return humbert?
don’t need your money
My heart is lounging in comfort

Physically, you’re away
But you’ve transformed
Taken over his body
To persuade me to make me conform

Trying to keep you away
By accepting the wrong
Just to stay sane
I let you camouflage and stay long

Just wouldn’t stay away?
After seven years you surprise
Me with your existence
Can’t unsee you even if I close my eyes

You pretend you’re away!
You nasty little thief
I’ve found out too late
Becoming the pin-up model for grief

Don’t go away
This is incredibly Sick
But now I seem to realize
That I’ve fallen for your kind of dicks.

Am I obsessed with you?


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