Blue moon

Blue moon will you sing to me, please
I’m feeling frazzled will you bring me some ease
The sky is a lantern that has gone aflame
My world crumbles as I depart from the sane

Blue moon blue moon have you heard them speak
With their prim feathers and ivory beaks
Their spit like silver, or crystal or gold
They spew from their mouths stories untold

Blue moon dear moon is it hard to tell?
Shattered my mirror; happiness I repel
I wish I’d get better but they touched me so
Tainted my skin now I wanna let go.

Blue moon I wonder do you have a place for me?
I can’t seem to walk straight so I beg on my knees
Please come and grab me and help me ascend
It may sound depressing but it’s not my end

Blue moon blue moon
You’ve to come soon
Or maybe I’ll fly to you
On my one way balloon.
Wrap me up
In your little cocoon
Don’t send me back
For my world is doomed


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