Warlord Zoloft.

He sat on his thinking chair, lord Zoloft. Men and women flock into the great hall and await his majesty. Zoloft continued to stare at the blank pages, his eyes only made what was white even whiter till it became near impossible to look at. The pure energy the papers had turned into.  Zoloft, with eyes closed, marveled at his creation. the energy was so bright that it permeated through Zoloft’s eyelids till it was like staring at the blank pages again. Zoloft was pleased and with his right hand rested upon his desk he snaps his fingers to open the treasure chest. In the frantic whirlwind that any movement of energy has the ability to produce, in went the papers avoiding the sixteen-inch brass globe being hurled to the opposite end of the room along with many other items. An unruffled Zoloft opens his eyes paying no heed to the mess he rises from his chair and floats on the air gifted to him. He makes his way to the door and tentatively looks at the handle before reaching for it. With a sigh, he opens the doors. Head held high he floats out of his room to the balcony from where he will address his fellow Sear-Tahrlyns.

“My dear people, welcome. I gather you here today because a matter of utmost importance has presented itself to me, to us. My people there is a fallacy that has been programmed into us. From nativity. We are meant to help and we are capable of doing so as every one of you will attest to it.” he paused to look at the nodding heads as they exchange their look of affirmation with one another. “Yes, we are a wonderful bunch, we do important things. We support life, and life thanks us but unfortunately life still suffers. Our ally is facing a foe that is both old and new. A foe that has evolved.” whispers could be heard, as the Sear-Tahrlyns exchange confused looks between each other. “Yes, Evolved. Our fallacy is that we always win. we always defeat our foes. but that is not the case. our victory relies on time. if we have enough time then we will win. but this new foe, he likes to attack before time can make its first move. Our foe is faster than time. Our job today is to strive towards being faster than it. To patiently wait for it to strike, aware of its craft and be ready to battle it to the death. We are warriors. We do whatever it is in our power to protect all that is valuable. Even in the face of death, we do not shy away.” He looked at the men puffing their chests acknowledging their worth and women nodding in agreement with one another while clutching on to their dog-tag equivalent. “Life suffers. This new foe wants to overcome life till life is no more. We will not allow it. As long as we can blink, and breathe as long as our hearts beat we will risk everything and more for our ally. We need to be there for our ally and we will be. We will be there for life.” the crowd rejoiced as tears rolled down their cheeks. Hugs were given and received and once again purpose consumed the Sear-Tahrlyns.


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