Hey Marney!

Hey Marney, my head’s goin’ round and round in circles, you’ve got a pony draggin’ me from my neck.

Hey, Marney, the sun can set the world on fire, but your tongue is burning hotter than its flames.

Hey, Marney, head’s pounding on its walls, the room is way too small for all your shit.

Hey, Marney, I’m begging you to stop but don’t think you know what being human is.

Oh so I run, so I run, and I ran across the hall waving like a madman in the rain,

And one day you’ll look back and find an empty room and it’ll be too late to say anything,

Marney. It’ll be too late for you oh Marney.

Oh, Marney, I’m tired, I have work, you’ve gotta let me go so I can get some rest

Oh, marney, the money that I’ll bring tonight you’ll take it all and spend it on fares.

Oh, Marney, maybe I wanted to oh maybe I wanted to watch that new movie

Oh, Marney, so everything is gone and while you travel all alone I’m stuck here

Oh, so I run and I run and I ran across the state, so you and I would never meet again,

And one day you’ll forget about that empty room it’ll be too late to break it down

Marney. It’ll be too late for you, oh Marney.

Oh, Marney, I guess I’m sorry for the times when life was tough and I was a bitch

Oh, Marney, there’s nothing I can say or do to change the course of time and fix things

Oh, Marney, I hope you could forget just so you could forgive and never bring this up again

Oh, Marney, forgive this childish son because I can’t take much more or any of it! 


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