A Grass Star.

I was lying on the grass looking at the stars.
The night was twinkling and the twilight was nigh.
The stars were racing in my present world
And time was counting on the withering petals.

I was lying on the grass looking at the stars
When suddenly I heard a sound coming from my left.
It was the Reverberant laughter of kids
One that filled up the night and gave it music.

As I lay on the grass feeling their excitement,
A child turned to pay me some attention.
He put his finger against his lip and blew,
In a smoky haze, the laughing children flew.

I rose from the grass and looked up at the stars.
Stars of many kinds, stars that took over the night.
I blew at the open space that confined me;
The stars, in all its divinity, lined up above me.

Staring at the stars, I stood on the grass.
Blowing on my body, blowing in every nook and cranny.
Like blowing air into a balloon I blew.
The stars descend on me and in a smoky haze, I flew.

Now, I lie on the stars staring at the grass.
The sun began to rise, the moon ran to hide.
The stars held me in my discovered world,
And time was nourishing the bud to bloom.


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