Why do I write? I write to feel!

Waiting and waiting is all we have
Waiting for a life of happiness that frozen seconds won’t let be
In this cold womb I stretch to break
To tear apart the loneliness that time has given me
Drive and determination remains within
But the limitless time doesn’t make up for the limited being
I don’t want to leave In vain
The pain will be great and worthless would be me ever existing

Hey hey i’m coming down the mountain
Hey hey coming down to be with you!
I’ve been past my hurdles and traded my security
To lie in this bed with you
This bed of gold, this bed of rose
This bed will fall apart
But I’m just looking to find a place in your heart

I reminisce about your smile
Think about times when 1 + 1 equaled 1
When you plus I equaled whole
But short is our time and time has begun
So I run in this race
Battling what I can’t touch or see but can feel
I feel the loneliness that time brings
When wounds were made for time to heal

So here I am running down the mountain
Running to be with you
I’ve been past the obstacles that stop me
To lie in this bed with you
This brittle bed, this lonesome bed
This bed isn’t what I need
In your heart forever I lay, forever content and complete.


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