She dreamt of falling. Did falling be the way she expected it? She ponders time and time again about the feeling. She wants to prepare herself for the numbing impact of being impaled against the hard cold rubble the one friend which helps you up now hugs you close to it till the magnetic attraction pulls all your organs and yearns to taste your blood. one friend who asks for something after keeping you up giving you support! Friends and people all around us making us what we are and instilling emotions. We’re all empathic we sense, steal and instill feeling. She tried to keep herself guarded but the guards fell asleep on duty she forgot the thicker the wall the colossal the damage. She didn’t give in so she cried. Confused. Does she need to not know what must become of her life? Spontaneity. Ignorance. Should it be welcomed with open arms? will she drown in a spiraling guise? Have you seen the horse? The man engulfs her entirety in lewd mannerisms and love is tossed out of visual perception. The horse cries the man cheats her. She cries. Cupid takes pity and gives her love in something out of her vision but present in her heart in her being. Before the death of the mother she prays to skies hoping to guard her love. Lightning struck to her death but lightning struck to invite life and there was the babe sworn to be protected till the end of eternity. The foal neighs. Swearing never to fall. But desperately wanting to.


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