Pretty bubbles

Blowing pretty bubbles into the air,
Feeling that little tingle better beware,
Of the tree hugging lepricon stealing your soul
Give him some magic and lay out that bowl.

Blowing pretty bubbles into the air
Don’t let my momma catch me in this fair.
Jesters and pixies all blow out their dust.
Deep in the tidal wave the old man combusts.

Pretty bubbles swim in my tune
I’m closing my eyes and off to the moon.
You’re holding the teddy bear in your sweaty palm.
Little boy run home i’m dangerously calm.

Pretty bubbles don’t take too long
I’ve run out of soap; feeling withdrawn.
Searching for a hole to blow through
A hole to bring forth the pleasant you.

So pretty bubbles,
So pretty bubbles,
Sing me my song
It’s getting harder for me to sing along.

So pretty bubbles
Let go of that gate,
Fly to your home,
Nobody loves to be on his own.

Pretty bubbles don’t leave me alone.


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