“Slowly, methodically I put on my mother’s wedding dress and I kneel down. I kneel down in that nursery abattoir.

It all seems perfectly rational.

Perfectly, perfectly rational.”

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

I haven’t the faintest clue why the above panel or scene attracts me so, maybe because it is reminiscent of the great Poe.

Anyway, my name is Zaenb, I love spelling it as Zæn’b, and I love to write, I do enjoy cooking, singing, drawing, reading, researching, acting as historian and anthropologist. I am fascinated by everything in the sense that I want to and will learn about it. My career goal is to be working as a living library or a repository of knowledge. Come one subject, come all subjects; Math, science, computer science, english, business, psychology, everything under the sun or more appropriately everything extending out of any circumference point of its core, extending out into the deep unknown that is space. Please read and comment on my work, it will be greatly appreciated and one day the universe shall reward you! THANKS.


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